“The reason life is so strange is that so often people have no choice.”

 ― William Maxwell, So Long, See You Tomorrow

Thanks Publishers!

All writers need a way to bring their voice and work into the world. Enormous thanks to Deracine, Across the Margin, Jam Tarts Magazine, Sixfold, Eastern Iowa Review, Desi Writers Workshop, and River River for believing in and publishing my work.

Short Stories 1


The Dream of Bigger Things

Something is wrong in their marriage. Can he fix it with a gift?

Jam Tart's Fresh Literary Magazine

The Opposite of Lovesick

Leon and Stacy meet at a high school speech tournament. He wants to get to know her better. Does she feel the same?

Winner of the 2016 Desi Writers Lounge International Short Story Contest

Silva's Home

Willy Boy and Sam are dead and she's all alone in a small Northern California town. Why stay?

Eastern Iowa Review - Ten Debut Writers

There Are No Angels Singing

Dylan's mother is in hospice. She has specific final wishes. Will he follow them?

Sixfold Fiction Summer 2017

The Easy One

Jamie Joyner is the maid of honor at her gay ex-husband Trey's Las Vegas wedding. Getting through it may be harder than she thinks.

Sixfold Fiction Winter 2018

Snail Island

The ferry to Snail Island is stalled. Kay needs to get to her sister Char's birthday party. Will she make it? 

Read Snail Island: Self Published

Short Stories 2


Slope and Sine

Jim Muncie's wife wants him to retire, but he wants to keep working despite some health challenges. Then something happens that will affect him forever.

Read River River

Lunch Breaks

Five characters, five lunches, five separate years, five locations. Do we eat to live or live to eat? Across the Margin.

Missed Exits - Flash Fiction

A family vacation goes up in flames.

Deracine Gothic Literary Magazine.

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